Merging abstract painting and new media together – something new will emerge. Contemporary digital abstract art

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Merging “abstract painting” and “new media” together – something new will emerge.

Contemporary Digital Abstract Art

During my painting process I capture digitally every color stroke, every splash of color, every single layer of paint. I am getting “digital fragments” of my paintings. These fragments are the raw material for my Contemporary Digital Abstract Paintings.

In the beginning the picture at the end is not known

Using these digital fragments for creating a new painting, it is like playing a huge puzzle where in the beginning of the process I do not know how the picture at the end will look like. And there are always more puzzle elements (digital fragments) than the picture at the end needs.

By not knowing how the picture will look like, I do not know which of these fragments I have to use and where I have to place them on the digital canvas (layer). Do I have to alter these fragments by reshaping the form, the color, the sharpness, the brightness do I have to use it more then once and so on?

During this form of painting I have to figure out what elements are going to make sense. It is the same process like painting with acrylic or oil on the canvas. After every change on the digital canvas, I have to answer myself the questions, do I have to preserve it or destroy it – to expand it or reduce it. By doing so, one main question is guiding me – does it look boring? If so, it is not worth keeping it. I have to change something – definitely.

From canvas to the print

I am expanding the painting process from the painted canvas into the computer to the software, on the computer screen to the print. From the palet knife, any sort of squeegees, or any other tool, to the tools the painting software is providing me. At the end a whole new art picture is created.

A Digital Abstract Art Painting



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