abstract art painting

© Ralf Jahnke-Wachholz, contemporary abstract art painting, acrylic on canvas, www.ralfjahnke com

I like to show you one of my older acrylic paintings – painted in 2014 no. 41. This painting matches perfectly the colors of the painting no. 54 / 2018.

The painting has different layers of bold dark red, dark yellow and deep orange colors. And on top of these layers – there is a layer of dark blue, light blue and white colors.

This painting looks really vibrant – it looks glowing.


contemporary abstract art painting, © Ralf Jahnke-Wachholz, abstract art Gallery,

no 41 / 2014

gallery abstract paintings

detail view

© 2018 Ralf Jahnke-Wachholz

contemporary abstract artist – paintings and digital art

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